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EXT-HDMI-EDIDP Gefen Inc. EXT-HDMI-EDIDP Gefen HDMI Detective Plus ¤

Gefen HDMI Detective Plus


Gefen HDMI EDID Emulator
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Save the EDID from your HDTV Display.
Computers and HDTV video source devices can sometimes lose the EDID -- basically the electronic identification of a display which lists its possible resolutions and frequencies. When displays are switched away or disconnected and then reconnected, the EDID can be lost and the computer or HD video source device can lose the ability to display the image properly.
The Gefen HDMI Detective Plus allows you to switch or relocate HDTV or Computer video displays while "tricking" the source devices into continuously reading the display information -- maintaining smooth video operations throughout the process.
How It Works
You simply program the HDMI Detective Plus for the display that you will use, by performing a programming step while having the device connected to the display and a power adapter. Next, you put it into place on the video output of your video source and restart your equipment. When all sources and displays are powered on, seamless functioning of video source and display equipment will commence.
External buttons make EDID programming and settings operations a breeze -- formerly, some operations could require opening the unit
This device is HDCP compliant.
5 Volt power is only required during the initial EDID programming step. Once the internal memory in the HDMI Detective Plus has been correctly programmed, the power supply is no longer needed for normal operation.
The HDMI Detective Plus includes 4 built-in selectable generic EDIDs that can be used for meeting standard home theater setups. They can be selected by moving the dip switches between the different settings.
Quick and easy saving of EDID information from HDTV displays
Compact unit hides well behind equipment
Selection of preset EDIDs for custom audio and resolution support.
Maintains 1920 x 1200, 1080p, and 2k resolution video
No power required after initial programming step
HDCP Compliant
Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 340 MHz
EDID Memory Size: 256 Bytes
HDMI Connector: Type A ,19 pin female
Power Supply / Consumption : 5V DC/ 5 watts (max)
Dimensions: 2.6"W x 1.7"H x 1."D
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs.
Package Includes:
(1) HDMI Detective Plus
(1) 5V DC Power Supply
(1) 1-foot HDMI locking cable (M-M)
(1) User's Manual

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