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256850PRO Hobbes & Co., LTD 256850PRO Hobbes LANTest NetMapper Pro Aktiv nettverkstester ¤ Tilbud

Hobbes LANTest NetMapper Pro

Aktiv nettverkstester ¤ Tilbud

Hobbes NETmapper PRO™
Aktiv nettverkstester
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Hobbes NETmapper PRO™ is a hand-held multifunctional network-testing device that integrates On-Line/Off-Line and telephone line test functions in one tester. For On-Line testing, it operates as a workstation; ping network devices and illustrates the machine name/IP address/MAC address and identifies all the network devices including Router, Printer and PC Host...etc. For Off-Line testing, it operates as a professional cable checker.
Furthermore, the Hobbes NETmapper PRO™ has an integrated Digital Tone Generator and Port Finder functions to trace and identify cables with precision. The Hobbes NETmapper PRO™ works as an all in one full functional tester and a very useful tool for all professional network administrators to quickly verify network connectivity and obtain essential information from the entire networks for troubleshooting and maintenance.
Displays the Ethernet port status: Identifies Speed up to Giga(10/100/1000)
Ping gefault router, DNS Server and user defined device.
Scans and lists all the PC Host with IP address and computer host name or MAC Address.
PC Host service detects: http/telnet/ DHCP and ftp services.
Incorporates Port Finder function: locate corresponding socket on Hub/ Switch.
Wire Map Test, Twisted Mapping Test, Cable length, and Tone Generator and Port Finder (all in one integrated function).
Tests cables for open, short, reversed, cross, split, mis-wire, and shield continuity.
Wire map results are displayed in a pin-to-pin format.
Remote ID number indication for recognition on workstations.
Two RJ45 ports on main unit for either On-Line or Off-Line Test.
Measures cable length without remote of Cat5, Cat5E and Cat6 cables
Self-calibrating ability for non-standard cable test (length test) and/or to increase measuring accuracy.
User define unit of measurement in meter or feet for cable length tests.
The Tone Generator function sends 1K Hz tone on all pins with 4 special tonalities.
Automatically detects PoE devices and voltage.
Large LCD display.
Battery low indicator and auto off for power saving.
Tests telephone line voltage.