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B1080PX-3 Frame Jazz Display B1080PX-3 EyeZone Player 1080p 40Mbps Demo/Brukt ¤ Tilbud

EyeZone Player 1080p 40Mbps

Demo/Brukt ¤ Tilbud

Eyezone HD Digital Signage Player
High Performance & Stability(40Mps)
Demo/Bruktvare, prisen gjelder så lenge lageret rekker
Dette produktet krever et CF Flash kort (Ikke inkludert)
Fjernkontroll er inkludert
1. Supports multiple file formats: Music, Picture, Movie and HD WMV9.
2. Supports 3D contents playback for 3D TV or projector.
3. Supports Video, Y.Pb.Pr (optional VGA to Y.Pb.Pr cable), HDMI, VGA and Audio output.
4. HDMI 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 compliant.
5. Resolution:
- HDMI Output: 480P/ 720P/ 1080i/ 1080P.
- VGA output: 640x480/ 800x600/ 1024x768/ 1280x1024/ 1360x768/ 1366x768.
- YPbPr output: 480p/ 720p/ 1080i.
6. Supports bidirectional RS-232 communication (Transmit / Receive).
- Receive: Using ASCII command to control B1080PX (play, stop, pause…).
- Transmit: The transmit function can be customized to fit your project requirements.
7. Multi-Zone Display Function
- Create your own custom layout via XML.
- Supports different types of content: Include video, images, date, time, scrolling text and RSS feed.
- The background image and text color can also be changed.
8. Schedule Function: The B1080PX-3 will automatically play the specific file at the specific date.
9. Supports Log Function which can record the file and time that was be played.
10. USB Auto-Copy Function: Automatically copy the media files from Pen Driver to CF card (3Mbps).
11. Connect using an Ethernet network cable at up to 100Mbps.
12. Supports CF/ SD(HC) memory cards.
13. Supports HTTP Control Function
14. Supports FTP Auto Download Function: Connect to Remote FTP server and download the latest contents automatically.
15. Play files and FTP Auto Download Simultaneously: The B1080PX-3 can play files while downloading.
16. Embedded FTP Server.
17. Supports NTP Network (G.M.T) Timer.
18. Supports Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and DHCP.
19. Supports SLIDE SHOW Function.
20. Bundle Remote Management Software (POP Center)
- Standard Version (free): Manage up to 5 devices
- Professional Version (need charge): Manage up to 100 devices
- Automatically search the connected B1080PX without any complicated setup
- Create your own multi-zone template
- Update scrolling text message
- Schedule playlists at different times of the day or days of the week
- Monitor status and log files of each B1080PX
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