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Aten Extender HDMI Tx/Rx Paneler Decora

2xTP Max 60 m HDCP EQ

Varenr: VE806
2 200,00
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Aten VE806HDMI Over Cat 5 Extender Wall Plate
The VE806 HDMI Over Cat 5 Extender Wall Plate extends HDMI and audio signals up to 60m using Cat 5e cable. It supports popular wide screen formats and ensures excellent video quality over long distance transmissions. The VE806 combination can further extend the distance or multiply sources/displays.
Uses two Cat 5e cables to connect the local and remote units – one to transmit video and audio; and another for power *
Remotely powered from either the Transmitter or Receiver side **
Extends the distance between HDMI source and HDMI display
Superior video quality – up to 1080p@60Hz (40m), 1080i@60Hz (60m)
HDMI (3D, Deep Color); HDCP Compatible
8 segment equalization adjustment switch optimizes display quality
Supports wide screen formats
Supports hot-plugging
Decora type design is easily configurable to fit various wall plates
LED indication of power sources / connection status
Supports stereo audio
Built-in 8KV/15KV ESD protection
Easy installation
Wall mountable type for a neat and cleaner installation
Plug-and-play – no software installation required
*The second Cat 5e cable connection is required to remotely power on either the Transmitter or Receiver.
**A power adapter is provided with this package, and can be used at either the Transmitter or Receiver side, which in turn remotely powers the other unit.
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