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Aten Extender 5x2 HDMI Wireless Tx/Rx


Varenr: VE829-AT-G
5 950,00
Bestillingsvare (14 dager)
Aten VE829
5x2 HDMI Wireless Extender
Løsningen består av en 4 port HDMI switch som gir bilde ut til en kablet HDMI skjerm og 1 HDMI skjerm over WiFi
The VE829 5x2 HDMI Wireless Extender is the first solution to send full uncompressed HD 1080p, while connecting up to 5 source devices and allowing users to switch and independently select any source to display on two HDTVs. Its wireless matrix feature is the biggest breakthrough in Audio / Video solutions to date. This means you can watch cable TV in one location (transmitter side) and, at the same time, independently select a Blu-ray movie to watch in another location (receiver side). The VE829 is capable of streaming Full HD 1080p with support for 3D content and digital audio up to 30m* away, within the home or any desired setup.
Wireless transmission of full uncompressed HD videos up to 30m* for two HDTVs
Allows you to switch and independently select any of 5 sources (4 x HDMI connectors, 1 x component connector) between 2 HDTVs
Supports full uncompressed HD, 1080P, 3D content and 5.1 channel digital audio
Superior video quality – 480P, 720P, 1080i, 1080P
USB HID ports on Transmitter and Receiver units enable wireless keyboard connectivity to control attached computers/laptops
Based on WHDI™ technology – Low latency < 1 ms
HDMI (3D), HDCP compatible
No software or driver installation needed
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