AVerVision Dokumentkamera F70W

FullHD 8xZoom LED USB Wireless

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AVerVision F70W
Wireless Camera & Tablet App
The wireless F70W camera forms a uniquely mobile teaching and learning solution. With the F70W teachers can create engaging and educational lessons at the spur of the moment using just about anything as the subject.
Teachers can project student’s answers or work right from students’ seats, which makes sharing and presenting far easier. In addition, AVer’s learning software complements the F70W and gives educators an array of unique teaching tools to maximize the eectiveness of any lesson. Simply put, the versatile F70W is an incredibly valuable investment that will help schools adapt to changing classroom technology.
Be mobile in the classroom
Present live video of anything, from anywhere in your room, while annotating, highlighting and manipulating the content from your tablet or laptop without being tethered to the camera. Present student or group work from one end of the room with the camera while using the WirelessCam app to interact with the content and another group elsewhere
Wireless camera, wireless controls
The inventive design of the WirelessCam app allows you to quickly focus on a particular region of the screen, zoom in and zoom out using nothing but a few taps and swipes of your nger. Open the camera control menu to access all the camera settings and functions, including freeze, rotate, brightness, contrast and color.
Annotate, highlight and more
Make notes, add drawings, highlight or insert shapes and text directly over live streaming video. Label the parts of a buttery or highlight examples from student work without having to stop, capture an image and move it into an editing app, or use the WirelessCam app whiteboard mode to work with saved images or on a blank digital canvas.
Record and share everything
The rich lessons you create with F70W should not be forgotten after you’re nished teaching. F70W will record your entire lesson to the media library – live video, audio, annotation, highlights, and supporting content. Once you’re done recording, upload everything to YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook or Picasa for easy sharing and at-home review.
AVer Visualizer Software
Integrate live visualizer images seamlessly into existing teaching material, while maintaining easy access to visualizer functions, like annotation and recording. Make the excitement of class accessible from home by quickly uploading visualizer
images/recordings to YouTube, Facebook, Picasa and more. Stream live video from a second visualizer, an AVer WirelessCam or a webcam over the video from your visualizer in picture-in-picture mode. Create your own media library full of recorded videos and captured images, then compare the saved images side-by-side with live images from a visualizer, AVer WirelessCam and/or webcam.
View and adjust live visualizer images directly via an interactive whiteboard (IWB).
Create a truly interactive, one-to-one learning environment with Sphere2's Class feature and
ClassSend student app for iOS, Android and Chrome .
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