AVerVision Dokumentkamera PL50

5.0 Mp 16xZoom Lightbox A+ MIC RS232

Varenr: PL50
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AVerVision PL50
Interactive Visualizer

Bring an added level of professionalism to any presentation with the AVerVision PL50 visualizer. Use the large embedded light box to display A4-sized x-rays or rows of film slides and negatives. No detail goes unexamined thanks to the amazing 16X optical zoom and 240X total zoom capabilities. 
Embedded light box larger than A4
Present the fine points of any A4-sized x-ray or set of film slides/negatives with ease using PL50’s 329 x 265 mm embedded light box, among the largest in the market today. Not using the light box? Take advantage of the dual LED arm lamps to better light 3D objects.
Full HD1080p output at 30fps
Present sharp, vivid images to your audience every time via PL50’s 5-megapixel CMOS camera sensor and full HD1080p image output. Employ the standard HDMI connection to playback audio as well as HD video.
Robust 16X optical zoom lens
Magnify any object up to 16 times its original size without experiencing any loss in image quality. If 16X optical zoom is somehow not enough, take advantage of PL50’s digital zoom to reach a remarkable 240X total magnification.
Smooth 30fps one-touch recording
Capture all the sounds and fine details of dissections, chemistry experiments and object examination directly to an SDHC card or USB flash drive using PL50’s lag-free, 30fps one-touch recording function.
Innovative onboard annotation tool
Quickly make digital notes on still images with AVer’s AP20 interactive pen or a USB mouse and save them for future use or modification. Put visualizer controls at your fingertips when using AVer’s AP20 interactive pen, wirelessly accessing functions like zoom, focus and freeze.
Exclusive A+ Suite visualizer software
Directly incorporate live visualizer images, recordings, handy annotation tools, text-to-speech (TTS), text digitization via OCR and more into PowerPoint® presentations with A+ Plug-in for PowerPoint, or integrate your visualizer and IWB via the AVerVision Flash Plug-in.
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