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Avocent HMX 2050 User Station 1920x1200

2xDVI-D 4xUSB PS2 Audio

Varenr: HMX2050-202
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Avocent HMX 2050 User station
Desktop over IP
The HMX extender system of digital desktop solutions provides convenient, remote access to computers and servers over a LAN or over a single UTP cable.
The Avocent HMX system eliminates the distance limitations found in analog extenders. The HMX 2050 user station delivers high-quality dual-head video with 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz resolution. It enhances safety and security by enabling monitors, keyboard, mouse and speakers at a convenient desktop location while your computer resides in a physically secure location on the network.
HMX 2050 User Station Quick Facts
  • Dual-head video
  • Eliminates distance limitations on the LAN
  • Removes dedicated cabling requirements between transmitter and receiver
  • Designed for harsh, sensitive, and restricted areas
Features and Benefits 
  • Dual digital video support Use two monitors to view multiple applications
  • Ethernet Uses existing LAN infrastructure and removes distance limitations of analog technology
  • Extender mode Point-to-point applications – either a single CAT5 cable or over a LAN
  • SSL/AES 128 bit encryption Enhanced security
  • USB keyboard, mouse, mass storage devices, all other USB peripherals
  • Stereo speakers 24 bit 44kHz, mono microphone
  • Analog video up to 1600x1200@60fps, digital video up to 1920x1200@60fps
  • Anbefalt nettverkstilkopling 100Mbps or 1Gbps network
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