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Varenr: BN3015
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BN3015 Brennenstuhl Premium-Protect-Line
PDU with surge protection
Premium Protect-Line 60,000 A.10 year product warranty. High-quality protection against high frequency interference from built-in filter. The child lock on each plug protects children against dangerous contact with electric current and protects internal components from dirt and dust. Two-pole power switch
Unique Selling Points
?Protects devices from overloads with a max. leakage current of up to 60.00A
?protection against HF interference by means of an integrated filter
?Includes extra protection for ISDN / DSL cable connection (RJ45)
?Suspension / mounting option
?Illuminated 2-pole ON/OFF safety switch
Technical specifications
Number of sockets : 8x Schuko
Cable lenght : 3 m
Switch : Yes
Colour : Black/grey
Cable type : 1.5 mm² (H05VV-F 3G1,5)
Max. overload : 60.000 A
Load : 16 A / 3600W
Sockets : Schuko
Brand : Brennenstuhl
Supplier productnr. : 1391000608
EAN : 4007123599615
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