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Chief Projektorbrakett RSMEU Pin-Connect

Universal Max 11,3 Kg Sort Mini Låsbar ¤

Varenr: RSMEU
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Pin Connection Universal Microzone Projector Mount - 11kg
The RSMEU was designed specifically for use in Europe, Middle East, and Africa and are only available in those regions. Chief's projector solutions feature a convenient pin-connection column system focusing on speed of installation. Ideal for smaller projector models, these miniature versions of the RPA Elite ceiling projector mounts include all the same great features in almost half the size.
•Compact design is smaller than the RPA Elite by 1/3 and includes all the same features
•MicroZone Adjustments make projector registration fast and precise (including flush mount installations)
•Centris Technology enables effortless fingertip positioning and self-adjusts to support different projector weights
•Q-Lock Quick Release Lever provides quick connect/disconnect of the projector for service and enhanced security with an integrated key and lock system (4 key options)
•Supports external cable management along side of CPAE Columns
•Compatible with CPA Plates
•Also compatible with Chief's CMS columns and 1.5" NPT threaded accessories
Adjustments:  Roll: 3° Pitch: 15° Yaw: 360°
Certifications: TUV Certified
Color: Black
Solution Type: Universal
Weight Capacity: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
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