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Flat Panel Tilt Pole Mount  
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Quick, easy and versatile, Chief’s TPS™ Truss/Pole Static Mounts, TPM™ Pole Pitch-Adjustable Mounts and TPP™ Truss Pitch-Adjustable Mounts are often used for mounting the large flat panel TVs, plasma and LCD displays used in exhibit, retail and digital signage.
Q-Latch™ Mounting System secures the displays with a lockable latch and attaches screens in portrait or landscape orientation.
Separately-ordered clamps for different size poles and truss work are required accessories (see TPK™ kits and chart).
TPA™ Finishing Cover accessory for pole mounts enhances aesthetics and covers hardware for added security.
To confirm the compatability of this mount with your flat panel TV or monitor, visit Chief's MountFinder Pro. MountFinder Pro will determine which model number you need to order for your specific screen.
Three Mount Options: Truss/Pole Static Mount, Pole Pitch-Adjustable Mount, and Truss Pitch-Adjustable Mount
Three Tilt Adjustment Options on TPM and TPP: +/- 15 º tilt on gravity centered axis point, lockable tilt, pre-set tilt locking points at 0º, 5º, 10º and 15 º to quickly and easily align multiple displays
Install mount horizontally and use pitch adjustment for side-to-side pivot.
Install on vertical or horizontal truss
Attach displays in portrait or landscape orientation
TPS/TPP span most truss systems up to 14" (OD)
Truss/Pole clamps fit a wide variety of truss and pole dimensions
Finishing Cover accessories enhance aesthetics and cover hardware for added security
Exclusive Q-Latch Mounting System secures the Large Flat Panel Display with a lockable latch
Screen can be installed in portrait or landscape orientation ( PAC400 or MAC400 accessory can be used to rotate without removing the screen) Integrated security allows display to be locked to mount by adding a padlock
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D): 411 x 424 x 86 mm
Depth does not include screen interface (typically 1" or less)
Tilt Adjustment: +/- 15º
Compatibility: Interface brackets are compatible with all other 2000 Series products
Color: Black
Weight Capacity: 150 lbs ( 68.03 kg) - Mount capacity only; be sure pole or truss structure is capable of supporting the weight
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