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Chief Whiteboard Mount

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Varenr: WBM2
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Chief WBM2
MIcro-Adjustable Whiteboard Mount
The WBM2 installs directly to the wall over pre-existing whiteboards or chalkboards without causing damage. The WBM2 was designed for a quick install providing speed and flexibility with multiple post install adjustments.
Easy 3 step install:
   Install crossbar and wall bracket assembly to the wall
   Attach uprights to inserts on back of interactive board
   Hang uprights/interactive board onto crossbar
Dual Lateral Shift options
   Mount shifts left/right at the wall installation.
   Additional adjustment can be achieved by sliding the uprights and interactive board left/right along the mount crossbar.
   Flexible for mounting near wall obstructions and precision board placement
Macro & Micro Height Adjustments
   Macro height adjust at uprights in 1" increments
   Micro height and leveling adjust at wall assemblies up to 1.5"
Stable installation
   Adjustable feet hold the installation in place, ensuring a stable writing surface
Aesthetic  snap-on covers and caps
Compatible with SMART™ 600 & 800 Series boards (except 685 & 690)
For 685 & 690 boards, see WBAU
Color:  Silver
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D):  1240 x x 1192 x 126 mm
Weight Capacity:  56.7 kg
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