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Chief Fusion Gulv XL Mobil H:122-165

Universal Sort Max 136 Kg

Varenr: XPA1UB
12 112,00
Bestillingsvare (10 dager)

X-Large Fusion Manual Height Adjustable Cart

This mobile Fusion AV cart incorporates rounded edges and sleek features to give the cart a softer professional feel that fits well in corporate and classroom environments. The height can be adjusted by one person via a 1/2" hex bit on a power drill without removing the screen.

With the same footprint as the XPAUB, but with the addition of magnetic covers and handles for ease of use.

Perfect for XL and touch panel displays as well as dual monitor video conferencing using an accessory.

Key Features
    • Sleek look suitable for multiple environments including education, corporate and digital signage
    • Turn knob allows single user to easily adjust the screen height using a 1/2" hex drill bit to any height between 122 - 165 cm
    • Flexible cable covers for lay in access down either side of the column to connect to external AV equipment
    • Magnetic, removable front cover allows for easy cable routing to AV components stored inside the cart
    • Includes cable wrap hardware for cable management inside and outside of cart
    • Landscape screen orientation (portrait only if screen is at least 34" tall and has a mounting pattern 400 x 400mm or smaller)
    • Ships with pre-assembled heavy-duty casters (front two casters are lockable)
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