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Cypress HDMI Quad PIP Scaler


Varenr: CDPS-41SQ
11 900,00
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Cypress CDPS-41SQ
4×1 HDMI Seamless Quad PIP Scaler
The CDPS-41SQ is a high performance, high speed zooming/shrinking system that can be easily configured and controlled for quad or picture-in-picture video processing of your multiple HDMI video signals. It allows the signal from 4 different input sources to be freely selected and arranged on one single display (TV or monitor). Supports full range of video resolutions up to WUXGA@60 (RB) or 1080p and audio up to 8-channel LPCM with 192 kHz sampling rate for both input and output. Audio channels can be selected to playback or mute. For all the operation/control can be done through IR, remote control, Telnet, RS-232 or front panel buttons. The CDPS-41SQ is a versatile tool for integration with video surveillance, editing, post production or video capturing systems.
Broadcasting room and control
Surveillance room and control
Public advertisement and control
Digital Presentation
Seamlessly switches between channels and modes
Zooms, shrinks or overlays 4 input signals
Supports PIP, POP and multi-window modes
Supports images Fade In/Out, Chroma Key, Mirror and Rotation functions
Supports size and position adjustments for video individually
Provides 8 built-in hotkey settings and 4 additional customized hotkey settings
Controls via IR (Remote), RS-232 or IP (Telnet), on-panel buttons or OSD menu
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