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Cypress Scaler AV > HDMI


Varenr: CP-255H
3 810,00
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Cypress CP-255H
Digital scaler with ultra high bandwidth 
An ideal company to your HDMI TVs, CP-255 series is a professional universal scaler with ultra high bandwidth (205MHz). It accepts both analog and digital input and outputs a variety of scaled DVI or HDMI resolutions.
Both digital and analog inputs are format converted and pixel re-scaled through the CP-255D/H. It outputs a big range of formats and resolutions that will easily match the native resolution/ format of your display to ensure highest picture quality.
Analog RGB Compliant input:
Supports PC RGB input up to WUXGA @60Hz.
Supports HDTV RGB/YPbPr/YCbCr up to 1080p @60Hz.
DVI/HDCP/HDMI compliant input:
Operates up to 165Mhz (Up to UXGA @60Hz)
Supports digital PC RGB output up to WUXGA @60Hz.
Supports digital HD output up to 1080p.
Integrated 8-bit triple-ADC/PLL.
Integrated DVI/HDCP/HDMI compliant receiver.
Dual high quality scaling engines.
Dual 3-D motion video adaptive de-interlacers with adaptive edge- oriented adaptive algorithm for smooth low-angle edge.
Automatic 3:2 pull-down & 2:2 pull-down detection and recovery.
The Proprietary Advanced Color Engine technology gives:
Brilliant and fresh color.
Intensified contrast and details.
Vivid skin tone.
Sharp edge.
Accurate and independent color control.
3D noise reduction.
Operates through on-screen OSD menu control and remote control. 
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