Cypress Forsterker 30 Watt

6xInput MIC 2xHDMI RS232 IP IR

Varenr: DCT-23
4 525,00
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Integrated Zone Amplifier

The Integrated Zone Amplifier accepts analog and digital stereo audio signals via RCA, 3.5mm mini-jack, optical and coaxial digital, and HDMI with an additional microphone input. As well as speaker outputs, it boasts line level output, optical and digital outputs, and HDMI outputs for wider systems integration.

Suitable for use at musical events, sound presentation and sound amplification. With output audio sampling rate support up to 48kHz and I/O data rate support up to 24-bit, it provides a high quality sound reproduction.
  • 30 watts per channel Digital Stereo Amplifier
  • Supports Digital to Analog audio Conversion (DAC) and Analog to Digital audio Conversion (ADC)
  • HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding
  • Supports input audio sampling rates up to 96kHz and output at 48kHz
  • Supports HDMI audio sampling rates loop-through and video bypass output
  • Supports a wide range of resolutions from 480i to 1080p and VGA to WUXGA(RB)
  • Dedicated XLR microphone input with independent volume control
  • Supports microphone sound being embedded into video output
  • Simultaneous output of sound on both digital and analog
  • Analog line output selectable to be either fixed or variable output level
  • Supports control via IR (Remote and IR Extender input), RS-232 or IP (Telnet/Web GUI)
  • Compact design and easy to use


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