Epiphan Recorder 2xStream 16Gb

VGA Video Lecture Recorder *B-vare*

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Epiphan Lecture Recorder x2 *B-vare*
Education/Training Recorder   
Captures and combines audio, full HD video and SD video together to enable recording of lectures or training events using two video sources such as presentation slides and presenter camera (and microphone).
Capture from screens or cameras at Full HD resolution
Capture presentation camera, slides and voice simultaneously
Use it everywhere – it’s portable with no software to be installed
Supports VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port, S-Video, Composite, & RGB component
Managed and controlled either locally or over a network
Technical Specifications
Network Interface: RJ45 10/100 Ethernet (PoE - spec: IEEE 802.3af class 0)
Two DVI-I connectors (DVI single link + analog),
3.5mm stereo audio connector in, 3.5mm stereo audio connector pass through out,
Two USB 2.0 ports, One S-Video connector, Ethernet RJ45 connectors with PoE,
HDMI female to DVI male adapter
Video Codec H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
Streaming Protocols: HTTP, RTP over RTSP, UDP, HTTP
Video Bit Rates: 100 - 9000 kbit/sec
Key Frame Intervals: programmable
Color Resolution: 4:2:0
Supported Video Modes: VESA modes: 640×480 to 1920×1200; Custom VGA/DVI modes.
HD Video Format Options: R, G, B plus separate HSync and VSync signals; R, G, B plus CSYNC signal;
R, G, B with Sync-on-Green synchronization; DVI single link.
SD Video Format Options: NTSC, PAL
Typical frame rates under different conditions:
Resolution FPS
800x600 30
1024x768 30
1280x1024 30
1920x1080  30
1920x1200 25
Internal Storage Space : 16GB
Record File Format: AVI, MOV
Branding and Timestamping : Video Filters
Frame Timestamping, labeling, free form text, copyright notices.
Graphical branding using XLST
Typical Player Applications:
MS Media Player, Quick Time, VLC, others
Access to Recorded Files
Web, FTP, USB Key, automatic FTP upload, automatic RSYNC/CIFS synhronization.
Operator's Interface: Web based HTTP API, USB Mouse, other remote controls
Time Synchronization: NTP, TIME (RFC 868)
Special Features
· 2 video input channels ( 1 HD, 1 SD )
· single stream or independent streaming and recording
· No moving parts
Product Dimensions
7.95"×4.13"×1.38", 202×105×35 mm
Product Weight: 1.4 lb, 635 g
Country of Origin: Made in North America (Canada)
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