Epiphan Frame Grabber AV.io HD

HDMI DVI VGA Capture Box

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Epiphan AV.io HD Capture
No software installation required
AV.io HD is a video capture device that doesn’t require drivers to be installed on your computer—it’s as simple as using a webcam! Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems will automatically detect AV.io HD ensuring compatibility with your favorite software.
Easy to connect and share
Required adapters and cables for HDMI, DVI or VGA devices are included with your AV.io HD — simply connect your device and start sharing.
Simple to use
AV.io HD automatically takes care of resolution and aspect ratios
AV.io HD automatically takes care of scaling and aspect ratios, so you don’t have to!
Full HD video capture at 60 fps
AV.io HD transfers uncompressed video to your computer or laptop in beautiful Full HD at 60 fps with near-zero latency.
Audio capture over HDMI
In addition to capturing video content, AV.io HD also captures audio from your HDMI source.
Worry-free, automatic scaling and aspect ratios
AV.io HD automatically adjusts video scaling and aspect ratios based on your application’s requirements, providing you fantastic video quality — even when swapping video sources.
A portable travel companion for your video source
AV.io HD fits in your hand and is lightweight enough to travel with you anywhere you need to share video.
Built to last
Like all Epiphan products, AV.io HD is designed to be strong, durable and rugged enough for daily use (some of our products are even used in space!). AV.io HD features robust connectors designed for reliable and repeated long-term use.
Powered over USB
Power-on your AV.io HD by simply plugging it into your computer’s USB port – no AC power connections required!
No internal fans or moving parts means AV.io HD is silent and will not distract from your video capture, streaming or recording experience.
Share video using your favorite applications
Just like your webcam, AV.io HD makes your video source available within applications you already use, such as:
  • Telestream Wirecast
  • Skype
  • Adobe FMLE
  • Quicktime
  • VLC media player
  • Windows Camera
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