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GC AC/DC Voltsensor

2xLedere Max +/- 24V

Varenr: GC-SP1
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GC-SP1 AC/DC Voltage Sensor
The GC-SP1 monitors the on-and-off status of electronic components by detecting an AC or DC voltage greater than ± 2V.
Voltages up to ± 24V can be connected to the GC-SP1 to determine the powered state of equipment, power strips (via a wall adapter), or a  ring condition on a telephone circuit. The GC-SP1 is optically isolated and clamped by a transient voltage suppressor to ensure circuit isolation and protection.
The device can be plugged directly into the Global Caché GC-100 Network Adapter, which connects the sensor to the network. Additionally, the GC-SP1 will work with other controllers that provide 5V power and accept digital logic (TTL) input. The GC-SP1 connector is a standard 3.5mm stereo jack.This sensor can be used with iTach IR connectors in  Sensor mode, but due to a design alteration must be connected to the unit with an audio crossover cable. The wires that need to be swapped are the tip and the ring.
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