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Hobbes LANsmart Pro & Probe Kit

Kabeltester TDR Probe

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Hobbes LANsmart Pro & SmartProbe Kit
LANsmart Pro with Digital Probe Kit
LANsmart Pro is a hand-held, multifunction Cable Map Tester and Cable Length Meter.
• All-in-one teste: wire map, twisted mapping, short location, quick test, cable length test, tone generator and port finder.
• Wire map for opened, short, reversed, crossed, split pairs, mis-wire, and shield continuity.
• Wiremap results are displayed in a pin-to-pin format.
• Indicates the I.D. number of the remote identification.
• Short Locatio locates short position whether short is in the near end or far end of the cable.
• Measures twisted pairs, map and length of Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 cable without remotes.
• Measures 2/4/6 pins telephone cable length and faults.
• Measures coax cables length and faults.
• Self-calibrating function allows for increased measuring accuracy when testing length of non-standard cables.
• Displays measurements in both meter and feet.
• Quick Test function: memorizes a cable’s pin out.
• Port Finder function: locates corresponding socket on hub/switch.
• With LCD and beeper indicator.
• Its analog Tone Generator sends 1K Hz tone on all pins or selected single pin conductors.
• Its Digital Tone Generator sends Single Tone and Double Tone.
• RJ45/ RJ11 tort protection from damage due to high voltage from telephone line.
• Replaceable battery, with low battery indicator.
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