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Hobbes Test-i Pro

Universal PC Kabeltester

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Hobbes TEST-i Pro
TEST–i Pro is the fourth generation of PC cable tester.
This is a specially designed multi function PC cable tester that tests and analyzes a comprehensive range of today’s PC connector types.
TEST–i Pro includes wire mapping function to test each pins connection to identify opened, shorted, crossed, and mis–wires. It also shows pin–to–pin connectivity, and can save up to 100 test results. The crucial data can be saved and uploaded to a PC via USB interface for analysis.
Furthermore, it also includes built–in extension port for user needs additional types of cable testing that is not included in standard TEST–i Pro. With an integrated LCD display, user can clearly determine the cable pin wiring easily and efficiently. TEST–i Pro is an essential and excellent tester for system integrator for troubleshooting and perform pin–to–pin tests on PC cables.
• Identify opend, shorted, crossed, and mis–wires connectivity 
• Support 17 types of PC connectors 
• Extension port for additional types of cable testing 
• 100 test results can be saved and transferred to PC via USB interface 
• Alphanumeric LCD display with back light function 
• Includes test cable, browse and quick test function 
• Low battery indicator 
• Simple menu is easy to use
Connectors: IDC40, HDB15M/F, Audio, RJ11, RJ45, e-SATAp, SATA, Display Port, USB3.0(A), USB3.0 Power B, USB Micro AB, USB Mini-B, HDMI, Mini HDMI, Micro HDMI, IDC40 extension port
Control switch: On/Off, up, down, save, delete, back and enter
Display: LCD size, 2 rows–16 characters and back light
Battery: DC 9V battery compartment, USB interface for power supply (adapter not included)
Dimensions: 250 x 138 x 44mm
Weight: 780g
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