Kramer Extender HDMI Tx UHD 4K60

10Gbps 1xFiber SC OM3 Max 1700 m HDCP

Varenr: 670T
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Kramer 670T
HDMI over Fiber Optic Transmitter
Husk også motttaker 670RN
The 670T is a high-performance fiber optic transmitter for HDMI signals. The unit converts an HDMI signal to light pulses that it transmits over one single fiber optic cable to the 670R receiver that converts them back to an HDMI signal.
Max. Data Rate - Up to 10.2Gbps.
HDCP Compliant.
HDTV Compatible.
HDMI Support - HDMI (V.1.4 with Deep Color, x.v.Color™, Lip Sync, HDMI Uncompressed Audio Channels, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, CEC).
3D Pass-Through.
Signal Transmission - Transmits four TMDS video channels as well as one low-speed channel for passing HDCP, EDID and a Hot Plug Detect (HPD) signal over one multimode fiber.
System Range - 1700m (5570ft).
Cable - Multimode fiber optic OM3 cable with SC connectors.
Compact DigiTOOLS® - 3 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-3T rack adapter.
INPUTS: HDMI connector.
OUTPUTS: 1 optical connector.
BANDWIDTH: Supports up to 3.5Gbps bandwidth per graphic channel.
COMPLIANCE WITH HDMI STANDARD: Supports HDMI 1.3, using fiber optic communication links and DDC2B.
EXTENSION LIMIT: 1700m (>5570 feet) for 1080p/60Hz.
FIBER-OPTIC CONNECTION: SC connectors for multimode (OM3) fiber cable (not supplied with the unit).
INDICATOR LEDs: Video, source, acceptor fiber and on LEDs.
DIMENSIONS: 12cm x 7.95cm x 2.76cm (4.7" x 3.1" x 1.08") W, D, H.
WEIGHT: 0.3kg (0.67lbs) approx. each.
ACCESSORIES: 2 power supplies (5V/2A), 2 bracket installation kits.
OPTIONS: HDMI/HDMI male to male cable.
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