Kramer Extender VGA Tx EDID XRange

1xTP Max 250 m

Varenr: PT-110XL
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Kramer PT-110xl
Computer Graphics Video over Twisted Pair Transmitter with EDID
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The PT-110xl is an extended range UXGA line transmitter that receives a UXGA signal and transmits it over a CAT 5/6 cable to the PT-120xl or TP-120 receiver.
Resolution - Up to WUXGA & 1080p.
HDTV Compatible. 
Power Connect™ System - A single connection to the transmitter or the receiver powers both units when the devices are within 150ft (50m) of each other.
Extended Transmission Range - Up to 250m (820ft) when used with Kramer’s twisted pair xl receivers (such as PT−120xl, TP−122xl or TP−126xl).
EDID Capture - Copies and stores the EDID from a display device.
Increased Noise Immunity - An increased level of protection against noise, spikes and interference in adverse environments.
Size - Ultra-Compact Pico TOOLS™ - 4 units can be rack mounted side−by−side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK−4PT rack adapter.
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