Kramer Kontrollpanel - 8K 79x124 Decora

Hvit 2xRS232 2xCC 2xIR 1xRS485 IR

Varenr: RC-78R
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Kramer RC-78R
8−Button Room Controller
Dette panelet kan felles inn eller bygges inn i en TBUS-1A bordbrønn fra Kramer 
Quick Facts
8 Configurable Buttons
2 Bidirectional RS−232 Ports
Control − Ethernet & K−NET.
Size - Wallplate (Decora US Utførelse)

The RC−78R is an eight−button configurable room controller for multimedia rooms. It controls audio components, video components and other room facilities such as lights and screens.
8 Configurable Buttons - RGB backlit, front panel buttons, configured using the K−Config configuration software.
1 GPI/O Port - Can be configured by K−Config as a digital input, digital output or analog input for interfacing with a variety of devices such as sensors, switches, LEDs, or relays.
2 Bidirectional RS-232 Ports - Control AV equipment such as projectors, LCD and PDP displays, power amplifiers, switchers and scalers.
2 Relay Contact Closure Ports - Control other room items related to the AV system, such as, raising and lowering drapes, a screen or a projector.
2 IR Control Ports - With an IR learning receiver behind the front plate that learns commands from any IR remote.
1 RS-485 Port.
Kramer Site-CTRL Compatibility - For network remote control and management over the Ethernet port.
K-NET™ Control Channel - Connects compatible user interfaces, supply power and control data over a single cable.
Flexible Control - Via Ethernet and K−NET.
Wall Plate Size - 1 gang US, Decora compatible. Suitable for installation in TBUS−1Axl.
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