Kramer Extender HDMI Ser IR Rx

1xDGKat Max 30-70 m

Varenr: TP-578H
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Kramer TP-578H
HDMI, Audio & Data over DGKat Twisted Pair Receiver
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Quick Facts
Max Resolution − WUXGA
Size - DigiTOOLS®
Audio - U/B/D/E
The TP−578H is a DGKat twisted pair receiver for HDMI, IR and control signals. The unit receives a DGKat twisted pair signal from a compatible Kramer DGKat transmitter (such as a TP−577H) and decodes it into HDMI, balanced and unbalanced stereo, S/PDIF digital audio, IR and RS−232 signals.
Max. Data Rate - 4.95Gbps (1.65Gbps per graphic channel).
HDTV Compatible.
HDCP Compliant.
HDMI Support - x.v. Color™, 3D and 7.1 multi−channel audio.
DGKat™ Signal Integration - Kramer’s unique technology for converting TMDS as well as control and communication to signals that run over twisted pair cables. We strongly recommend using Kramer DGKat™ cables designed specifically for optimum performance.
Kramer Equalization & re-Klocking™ Technology - Rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances.
K-Link™ - Kramer's technology for controlling the device from a remote controller and passing data to external devices.
Power Connect™ System - A single connection to the transmitter or the receiver powers both units. Can also power new devices such as the WP−577VH.
Configurable External Control.
Analog and Digital Audio De-Embedding.
Indicators - LEDs for mirroring.

System Range - Up to 90m (295ft) at 1080i, or up to 30m (98ft) at 1080p on shielded BC−DGKat524 cable. Up to 90m (295ft) at 1080i, or up to 70m (230ft) at 1080p on shielded BC−DGKat623 cable. Up to 100m (330ft) at 1080i or up to 90m (295ft) at 1080p on shielded BC−DGKat7a23 cable.
Cable - Requires STP (shielded twisted pair) cable. For optimum range and performance, use Kramer's BC−DGKat623 or BC−DGKat7a23 cables. Note that the transmission range depends on the signal resolution, graphics card and display used. The distance using non−Kramer CAT 6 and CAT 7 cables may not reach these ranges. Use only shielded cable where both ends of the shield are soldered to ground.
Controls - IR data transceiver.
Size - DigiTOOLS®
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