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Kramer Matrix 8x8 DVI

2U RS232 IP IR I-EDIDPro 2.25Gbps

Varenr: VS-88HDCPxl
38 745,00
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Kramer VS-88HDCPxl
8x8 DVI Matrix Switcher
Quick Facts
Max Data Rate − 2.25Gbps
HDCP Compliant
3D Pass−Through
Control − RS−232, Ethernet & IR

The VS−88HDCPxl is a high−performance matrix switcher for DVI signals. It reclocks and equalizes the signal and can route any input to any or all outputs simultaneously.

Max. Data Rate - 2.25Gbps per graphic channel.
HDCP Compatible.
HDTV Compatible.
HDMI Support - HDMI (V1.4a with Deep Color, x.v.Color™, 3D Pass−Through, HDMI Compressed Audio Channels).
EDID PassThru - Passes EDID signals from source to display.
Output Disconnect - Each output.
Front Panel Control Lockout.
Memory Locations - Stores multiple switches as presets to be recalled and executed when needed.
Flexible Control Options - Front panel, IR remote, RS−232 (K−Router™ Windows®−based software is included), Ethernet (Windows®−based Ethernet Configuration Manager & Virtual Serial Port Manager is included).
Worldwide Power Supply - 100−240V AC.
Standard 19 Rack Mount Size - 2U. Rack "ears" included.
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