Kramer Kontrollpanel - 6K 86x86

Hvit 1xRS232 1xIR 1xUSB 1G

Varenr: RC-52NEUW
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Bestillingsvare (11 dager)
Kramer RC-52N
6−Button Universal Room Controller
Dette panelet passer best for innfelling eller montering i egnet veggboks.
Kan også brukes i 80mm TEK kanal, men vil da bygge litt over og under frontplaten
The RC−52N is a 6−button room controller for multimedia rooms. It controls audio/video components and other room facilities such as lights and screens.

6 Backlit & Label Capable Buttons.
Macro Capability - Executes multiple commands with a single press of a button.
USB Port - For uploading configuration files and supplying DC power during configuration.
Fast Installation - Simple mechanical design provides easy and quick installation in wall boxes.
Internal Clock.
1 RS-232 - Controls AV equipment such as projectors, flat screen displays, power amplifiers, switchers and scalers.
1 IR Out - Additional control port for AV equipment.
IR Features - Learns commands from IR remotes and functions as an IR repeater.
Lock Out Feature - Can be locked and unlocked to prevent tampering.
Dimensions - 6.9cm x 3.14cm x 11.4cm (2.71" x 1.23" x 4.49") US; 8.6cm x 2.06cm x 8.6cm (3.39" x 0.81" x 3.39") and 8cm x 2.06cm x 8cm (3.15" x 0.81" x 3.15") EU W, D, H.
Wall Plate Sizes - 1 gang EU/US. Available in white, black, gray and brushed aluminum.

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