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LD Mixer 3-Kanaler USB

USB Phantom Power Mixer

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LD Systems LAX 3 USB
3-Channel USB Mixer with Phantom Power
The LAX 3 USB by LD Systems is the ultracompact interface for hard disc recording on home computers with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. It simply connects to the USB 2.0 port of the computer, which also supplies it with power. A power adapter with USB- A connector and a USB cable are included as an alternative power supply. The LAX 3 USB is compatible with all Windows and Apple operating systems from Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5 upward.
The electronically balanced microphone channel with 20-volt phantom power and a maximum amplification of 50 dB has a combo socket and can also be used used as a mono line in channel. The line input L/R of the stereo channel 2/3 uses RCA sockets. Keyboards or drum machines, for example, can be connected here. The bass and treble of the microphone channel can be boosted or cut by up to 15 dB. Additional sliders set the position of the microphone channel in the stereo spectrum and the balance of the stereo channel. In addition, the LAX 3 USB has in- and outputs for an external sound source or recording device; the input can be switched to the master output and/or headphone/monitor output. The mix volume is controlled by two master controls separately for the master output and the headphone/monitor output.
For a perfect start in the world of digital home recording, we recommend the Open Source software Audacity, which is available as a free download.

Product number: LDLAX3USB
Product type:Mixer
Mono Channels:
Mono Mic and Line Input Channels:1
Mono Mic input connectors:6.3 mm TRS, XLR
Mono Mic Input Type:electronically balanced
Mono Mic Input Frequency Range:10 - 40000Hz
Amplification Range mono Mic Input:0 - 50dB
Mono Mic Input Input THD-N:0,01 %
Mono Mic Input Impedance:2600Ohm(s)
Mono Line Input Type:electronically balanced
Mono Line Input Frequency Range:10 - 40000Hz
Amplification Range mono Line Input:-40 - +10dB
Mono Line Input Input THD-N:0,04%
Mono Line Input Impedance:10000Ohm(s)
Mono Channel Equalizer High:+/- 15 dB @ 12000 Hz
Mono Channel Equalizer Low: +/- 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Controls Mono Mic and Line Input Channels: pan, Gain, Channel Volume, 2-band EQ (High,Low)
Phantom power: + 20 V
Stereo Channels:
Stereo Line Input Channels: 1
Stereo Line Input Connectors: RCA or USB (switchable)
Stereo Line Input Type: unbalanced
Stereo Line Input Frequency Range: 10 - 40000Hz
Stereo Line Input Input THD-N: 0,04%
Stereo Line Input Impedance: 10000Ohm(s)
Stereo channel equalizer treble: +/- 15 dB @ 12000 Hz
Stereo channel equalizer bass: +/- 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Controls Stereo Line Input Channels: Channel Volume, 2-band EQ (High,Low), Line In/USB switchable, Balance
Main Section:
Stereo Tape Out Channel: 1
Stereo Tape Out Connectors: RCA
Stereo Tape In Channel: 1
Stereo Tape In Connenctors: RCA
Unbalanced stereo Main Outputs: 1
Unbalanced stereo Main Output Connections: 3.5 mm TRS
Unbalanced Stereo Main Out Impedance: 120Ohm(s)
Max. Unbalanced Stereo Main Out Level: 17
Headphones ouput: 1
Headphones outputs: 3.5 mm TRS
Main section controls: Master Volume, CD/tape to main, headphones volume, CD/tape to phones
Display: Power, master display, Channel Peak
Operating voltage: Power adapter 5V DC , 500mA, USB powered (USB cable included)
Width: 98mm
Height: 45mm
Depth: 136mm
Weight: 0,5kg
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