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X-Keys 128 USB Matrix Board

128 Inputs

Varenr: XK-0988-UNM128-R
910,00 VEIL. PRIS
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X-keys® Pi3 Matrix Encoder Board
Turns any switch into keyboard, mouse, joystick or any combination of messages.
Works with any type of dry contact switch closure (momentary, toggle, rotary, relay).
Perfect for wiring your own input panel.
Great for simulator cockpits, cabs, and gaming stations.
128 switch points to build your input controller. Recommended for all new development projects.
128 digital inputs in an 8 x 16 matrix
Includes 92" USB cord with strain relief
Standard 0.1" two row header (compatible with X-keys Classic Matrix Board pin out)
New Pi3 firmware with joystick, mouse, and keyboard emulation
Includes MacroWorks 3 software for Windows
Comprehensive Software Development Kit for programmers
NEW Linux Software Development Kit
Using the same proven electronic design and features found in our XK-24. XK-3 Foot Pedals and other new products, the X-keys Pi3 Matrix Encoder Board offers the project builder 128 programmable switch points with all the power of MacroWorks 3, our free SDKs, and live technical support.
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