Planet Switch 16-p 10/100TX 8xPoE

Layer2 VLAN QoS IGMP B110W

Varenr: FNSW-1608PS
2 085,00
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Planet Switch 16-port (8xPoE)
Smart Management
• Complies with the IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet standard
• 16-Port 10/100Mbps with 8-Port PoE Web Smart PoE Switch
• 8-Port support 48VDC power to PoE Powered Device (Port 1 to port 8)
• Each Switching port supports auto-negotiation-10/20, 100/200Mbps (Fast Ethernet) supported
• Auto-MDI / MDI-X detection on each RJ-45 port
• Prevents packet loss with back pressure (Half-duplex) and IEEE 802.3x PAUSE
frame flow control (Full-duplex)
• High performance Store and Forward architecture, broadcast storm control,
runt / CRC filtering eliminates erroneous packets to optimize the network bandwidth
• 4K MAC address table, automatic source address learning and ageing
• 2.75Mb embedded memory for packet buffers
• Remote Web interface for Switch management and setup
• SNMP Trap for alarm notification of events
• Broadcast Storm Control support
• Supports up to 16 port-based VLAN groups / 32 IEEE 802.1Q VLAN groups / MTU VLAN
• Supports up to 2 Trunk groups, each trunk for up to maximum 4 ports with
800Mbps bandwidth
• Supports QoS, bandwidth control and MAC address filter / TCP & UDP filter on
each port
• Supports port mirroring function and IGMP Snooping v1 / v2
• PoE power Disable/Enable and PoE power consumption monitoring by management
• Firmware upgrade through Web interface
• Password setting, IP setting and device description setting through Planet
Smart discovery utility
• 19-inch rack mount size
• Internal full-range power supply suitable for worldwide use
• EMI standards complies with FCC, CE class A
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