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Rextron Switch 4x1 USB2

# Hotkey IR RS232 Button ¤

Varenr: USW-K234
2 200,00
Bestillingsvare (14 dager)
Rextron USB 2.0 Switch 4-port
Styres med IR, RS232, Hotkey eller Knapper
Allow 4 host computers to share and switch 4 peripheral USB devices
  • Front panel LED indicates connection and action status; makes identification easy and user-friendly
  • Multiple methods to control the unit via: 
    • 1. Front panel push buttons 
    • 2. Serial control 
    • 3. Hotkey control 
    • 4. IR remote control (optional)
  • Port rule selection for flexible application; divide USB peripherals into 2 or 3 groups by switch sliding
  • Enable/disable USB keyboard emulation
  • Compatible with all USB data rate standards
  • Support USB 2.0 high-speed host controllers
  • Plug-n-Play system without any drivers or software installation
  • Fully support Windows, Mac and Linux system, USB readt host/device
  • Suitable for most of the popular USB devices (USB webcams, USB printers, USB scanner, etc.)
Specification :
Model: USW-K234
USB Connector PC Port : USB-B x 4
USB Peripheral : USB-A x 3
USB Keyboard/Mouse : USB-A x 1
Front Panel Button Port Designation : x 4
USB Peripheral Selection : x 2
Front Panel LED Power/System Status : Triple-color LED x 1
PC Port Status : Single-color LED x 4
Master Port Status : Dual-color LED x 4
USB Peripheral Status : U1: Dual-color LED x 4 / U2: Dual-color LED x 4
Slide Switch : USB K/B Emulation x 1
USB Peripherals Port Rule Selection x 1
Serial Connector (for serial control) : DB-9 Female x 1, DCE, connect to PC
DB-9 Male x 1, DTE, connect to serial device
IR Remote Control Support : Yes
Power Supply : DC 9~12V
Enclosure : Metal
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) : 34 x 190 x 118
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