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SmartMetals Floorlift XL 103-153 Wheels

# Universal Sort Max 120 Kg 84"

Varenr: 062.7270
10 200,00
Bestillingsvare (12 dager)
SmartMetals Floor lift XL on wheels
For (touch-) flat screens max. 84 inch, 120 kg SILVER-GREY
Floor lift on wheels for (touch-) flat screens max. 84 inch, 120 kg SILVER-GREY
Just recently we released products 062.7270 (silver-grey) and 062.7275 (black), motorized trolleys for Touch screens up to VESA 600-400 max. 120kg. What makes this product so unique is its screen flexibility and installation ease, within just three steps the product is installed and ready for use. These wheeled stands with electrical height adjustment have continuous and silent height adjustment and an integrated screen bracket containing most VESA patterns, making it suitable for almost every display. The embedded VESA bracket has another special feature, it can be used as support for a Desktop PC at the back.
Minimum length 1030 mm
Maximum length 1530 mm (centre screen)
Weight 40.00 kg
Colour Silver-Grey 
Maximum load 120 kg
Screen position Landscape, Portrait 
Inch range max. 84 inch
Mobile / fixed Mobile 
Height adjustment Electrical
Bracket/interface Included 
Type bracket/interface VESA 
Range bracket/interface 600-400

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