SmartMetals Gulv Tip & Touch Max 70"

Universal Sort Max 85 Kg

Varenr: 062.7650-85
18 800,00
Bestillingsvare (14 dager)
SmartMetals Tip & Touch Stativ
Tip funksjon (Elektronisk)
Høydejustering = 660-1320 mm (Elektronisk)
This product has specifically been developed for touch screens which would be used in the table position; we call it the Tip & Touch stand. This wheeled stand has electrical height adjustment from 660-1320 mm (table height). The Tip & Touch stand is available with a tip function by gas spring or an electrical tip function. Furthermore the head of the stand contains a fixed bracket with most VESA-patterns integrated. In the baseplate two sets of mounting holes are integrated. Here a double base plate is used; mount the lifts in its second position (the back position looking at the front side of the base plate). A display of max. 85 kg (max. 70 inch) can be attached. Please note: Check if your display/flat screen is suitable for horizontal use
Minimal length 660 mm
Maximum length 1320 mm (table height)
Weight 89.00 kg
Colour Black
Maximum load 85 kg
Screen position Landscape 
Inch range max. 70 inch
Mobile / fixed Mobile 
Height adjustment Electrical
Bracket/interface Included
Reach bracket/interface VESA 200, 400, 600-400
Tilt function 90°
Other information Tip function: Motorized 
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