tvONE CORIOmaster Mini

Modular VideoWall Controller 5xModules

Varenr: C3-510-101
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tvONE CORIOmaster mini
The industry’s fi rst compact all-in-one videowall processor.
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Chassis med 2 dedikerte DVI innganger og plass til 5 stk valgfrie IO moduler.
Max 12 I/O porter med DVI, HDMI, 3G/HD/SD SDI RGB/YPbPr
IP og RS232 styringsporter
All-In-One. And Done.
The new CORIOmaster mini features a breakthrough 1RU design that packs real video processing punch. Up to 12 Universal DVI ports (or up to 18 SDI ports) fit within the mini’s frame. That means you can prepare dynamic video events and design full-scale 3 x 3 video walls as simply as possible, thereby eliminating a rack’s worth of discrete video components. With a fully loaded mini requiring less than 150 watts, users can save up to 10X the power to boot. 

Like its big brother, the CORIOmaster mini features the patented tvONE Parallel Video Processing architecture that tightly joins patented CORIO® video processors with up to 12 independent video scaling engines.

The mini is the only 1RU system capable of processing up to 26 Billion video matrix calculations per second with less than 2 frames of video delay.

Parallel Processing. Unparalleled Performance.
All-in-One Enclosure High Density 1RU (1.73 , 17.0 , 13.1 ) 5Kg, (11.03lbs)
Parallel Processing Architecture Yes
CORIO® Video Processing Yes
Real Time Video Quality <2 frame signal delay from input to output
4:4:4 High Quality Video Processing Yes
CORIO Firmware Upgradable Yes via Software
Input/Output Options
Universal DVI (analog & digital) 12 via DVI-U
(HDMI & HDCP compatible) High Density
HDBaseT Scaled Outputs Up to 10
3G/HD/SD-SDI Up to 10
HD-SDI 4 Input Module Up to 16
Video Walls & Canvas
Number of Videowalls 1
Display Size Compensation Yes, Di erent Size Displays in Video Walls
Real Time 360 Output Rotation Yes, 1° increments
Edge Blending & Image Warping Yes
HDCP Key Handling Yes
Resolution Inputs/Outputs
Analog PC Up to 2048x2048, HDTV to 1080p/60
Digital PC Up to 1920x1200, HDTV to 1080p/60 wEDID
TV Format Support NTSC, PAL, PAL-M/N, SECAM
Up/Down/Cross Video Conversion Yes, Built-in
Routing & Switching
Video & Audio Routing Any video input source routed to any window and, window layer priority changed Independent & Group switching Yes
Power Consumption Low Power Consumption 160w max.
Voltage 110v to 240v auto-detecting
Factory Installed Dual PSU Optional -1 Inlet
In The Box
Contents Control Software, Manual, Power Cable
Operating Requirments
Operating Temperature & Humidity 0° to +40° C (+32° to +104° F): 10% to 85%,
MTBF Approximately 50,000 hours
Warranty Parts & Labor 5 years parts and labor
This radical design enables a breakthrough combination of video processing capabilities, including:
• Projector Edge Blending to combine multiple projectors with multiple video displays
• Highly fl exible window management: window resizing, layering and positioning across displays
• 360 dynamic rotation of windows for optimal viewer impact (can be confi gured for real-time rotating videowalls as fi rst
demonstrated at Infocomm 2013)
• Multi-viewer single layouts with dynamic window designs for superior single display viewing
• Loadable graphic images for use as a window on the canvass
• Preset layouts o ering an intuitive way to switch between preferred canvass designs
• Software upgradeability to support future features, thereby maximizing long term value
Further, the CORIOmaster mini Parallel Processing design delivers a no-compromise viewing experience as it delivers Real Time Video Quality with less than two frame signal delay from input to output. Only CORIO can massively parallelize video tasks to deliver the highest quality video possible at ultra-low latency. Complementing the processing skills of the mini is an unparalleled I/O versatility. From a single Universal DVI module inserted into fi ve available AV slots, the mini supports the full range of analog and digital formats as well as up, down or cross conversion to virtually any HD or PC Resolution. NTSC and PAL standards are supported. Each module provides two I/O ports with each having independent video scaling engines.

The ultra-modular CORIO design further allows users to mix and match Universal DVI, HDBaseT and 3G/HD/SD-SDI broadcast grade modules. This versatility gives users unmatched fl exibility to confi gure the mini to meet the full range of video processing needs.
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