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The EasyUSB AudioBRIDGE is an elegant solution to enable existing professional audio equipment to go digital by converting the analog audio signals to USB 2.0 for use with the Unified Communication soft clients like Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Google+ WebEx, GoToMeeting and more! Professional audio equipment can connect to the AudioBRIDGE with balanced line level inputs and outputs on a 3-pin Euro terminal block or unbalanced consumer level inputs and outputs on RCA connectors.


The AudioBRIDGE converts the analog audio to a USB microphone and loudspeaker channel for connection to the PC application. The AudioBRIDGE has been optimized for use with UC clients including Microsoft Lync. A unique feature of the AudioBRIDGE is user configuration of USB terminal type.


The AudioBRIDGE can be configured as a USB speakerphone (Type 403) or a USB echo cancelling speakerphone (Type 405). Use Type 405 when connecting to professional audio conferencing mixers with echo cancellation. Use Type 403 when connecting to audio equipment that does not have internal echo cancellation. This feature improves performance with Microsoft Lync and other soft clients.


The AudioBRIDGE includes independent USB and analog gain stages. Gain structures can be configured between the pro audio equipment without being impacted by PC volume controls. Additionally, the AudioBRIDGE even includes a serial control (RS-232) port for use with AMX/Crestron control systems.


While the EasyUSB AudioBRIDGE is a simple idea, execution of the idea is one of the most important aspects of selecting an analog audio to USB 2.0 converter. This solution offers many desirable features specifically included to perform flawlessly for mission critical UC applications using new or existing audio systems.

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