GC Network Adapter

IP 2xRS232 6xIR 3xRelè

Varenr: GC-100-12
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Global Cachè GC-100-12
Network Adapter
Det følger med 6 stk IR emittere i eska.
  • Power input
  • Network connection
  • Two serial ports (Max 57600 Baud)
  • Three relay connections
  • Six independent IR outputs or sensor inputs
  • Dimensions: 12.0 L x 3.0 D x 1.3 H
The GC-100 Network Adapter connects a TCP/IP network to infrared (IR), serial and relay communications-including sensor inputs-that can work, interrupt, or be polled by another network device. An embedded web server allows easy configuration from any browser. Global Caché also offers several new IR products, including the iTach family of products, sensors, IR blasters, IR receivers, IR learners and conversion cables.
Connects IR, Sony Control-S, RS232 serial, sensors, and relay contact closures to a network
Available in 3 sizes and a rack mount version for unsurpassed flexibility
10 Base-T network port
Very small footprint
Only one power supply required for each enclosure
Embedded web server for easy configuration using a browser
Cost effective pricing saves you money
Modular design saves time and money on installation
Use one device rather than several from different vendors to save time and money on service
Ability to provide open network-based system for more satisfied customers
Lower cost and high reliability for more satisfied customers
Less inventory required due to modular mix and match design
One power supply avoids expense, clutter, and improves reliability
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