AVerMedia HDMI Signal Detector

HDMI Signalnivåtester 1080i

Varenr: CT110
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Signal Detector CT110

Generate and evaluate test signals in HDMI

  • Portable and easy
  • Plug and go
  • HDMI 1.4 display
  • Signal status


The CT110 is the most advanced addition yet to AVerMedia’s line of streaming solutions. Lightweight and portable, this HDMI signal detector is capable of diagnosing and identifying specific problems with the status of each HDMI signal component. Two mode tools, an automatic detection tool and a manual detection tool, ensure that the most optimal HD performance is achieved. The CT110 also serves as a tool for measuring the DC level of an HDMI device source.

Take it wherever you go

The CT110 weighs in at a total of 45.5g. Store this compact HDMI signal detector at the office, or take it with you anywhere.

One step to use

Testing for HDMI signals takes just one step: plugging it in. Once the cables are connected to the CT110 HDMI-F connectors, the tester will immediately begin the detection process for signal testing.

Display with HDMI 1.4

Don’t miss out on high quality! The CT110 supports HDMI 1.4 display up to 1080 i60, bringing to your screen a richer viewing experience.

Clear-cut signal status indications

The status for each HDMI signal component is displayed clearly, allowing users to instantly pinpoint any signal issues.

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