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Lindy Adapter USB2 > Bluetooth 3.0

USB2.0 Bluetooth 3.0

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Lindy USB 2.0 Nano Bluetooth v4.0 Dongle
Connect with your mobile phone, personal music player or network devices via Bluetooth
Range: up to 15m
Plug & Play
Transfer rate of up to 3Mbit/s
Supported OS: Windows 8, 7 Vista & XP
Compatible with Bluetooth V3.0
2 year warranty
Please note - No Mac or Android support
Quickly connect your computer to Bluetooth enabled devices simply by plugging this dongle into a free USB port. This Bluetooth v4.0 adapter allows a low-power data connection to be created between your Bluetooth devices and a Windows PC. Compared to previous Bluetooth versions, Bluetooth 4.0 achieves reduced power consumption by enabling devices to remain paired with each other, but without requiring a continual stream of data to be transferred between devices.
So small you can leave it permanently plugged into your laptop while carrying it in your bag, case or sleeve it supports Serial Port, Object Push, File Transfer, LAN Access, Personal Area Network, Audio Gateway, Headset HID, Keyboard & Mouse, HCRP (Printer Cable Replacement), A2DP, AVRCP and Bluetooth low energy profiles.
Bluetooth version 4.0 Low Energy
USB 2.0
2.4 ~ 2.48GHz ISM frequency band
BlueSoleil (IVT 7.0)software included
Dimensions (WxDxH): 22 x 18 x 07 mm
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