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Kabelstripper Cyclops 2 Universal Max diameter 11 mm

Kabelstripper Cyclops 2 Universal

Max diameter 11 mm

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Cyclops 2 Cable Jacket Stripper
The Cyclops 2 takes the guesswork out of removing the cable jackets from many types of twisted pair, multicore and fiber optic cables. The tool self adjusts to automatically cut PVC, plenum and others without damaging the braids, foils or conductors. One piece design, ready to use right out of the package. Typical applications are in data, voice, video, audio, security and others.
Accepts cable diameters to .43" (11mm) diameter.
Removes cable jackets from twisted pair UTP/STP cables.
Removes cable jackets from multi-core cable (shielded & un-shielded).
Removes cable jackets from fiber optic cable.