SHARP 70" LED Skjerm Pro Touch Wireless

1920x1080 Multitouch-10p 61Kg

Varenr: PN70TW3
63 490,00
Bestillingsvare (10 dager)
SHARP 70" Edge LED, 10-points Mullti Touch Screen
Integrated wireless connectivity, Up to 4 simultaneous users
Split screen function, 300 cd/m², Contrast 3000:1, 61 kg,
Product Overview:
Big Pad 70” (176.6cm) Premium Interactive Display
10-Point IR Infrared Touch technology for Industry-Leading Intuitive Touch Experience
Ergonomic and best-in-class image with UV2A LCD
Offering Enhanced Wireless Collaboration and energized Meetings for Best-in-Class Productivity
Unique Selling Points
Integrated Wireless communication for easiest Mobile Device Collaboration
Integrated Direct Drawing IWB application (looks like cut-down PEN software)
Industry-Leading 10-point IR Infrared Touch Experience
Sensitive, fast and accurate touch experience – natural handwriting experience
DICOM Simulation for accurate x-ray image viewing
Standard Features and Capabilities from the BIG PAD Range:
Pen Software for intuitive writing, drawing and effective collaboration
Touch Display Link 2.0 - BYOD collaboration, live screen content sharing
Touch Viewing for project document management
Best in Class LCD Panel Quality - based on SHARP’s UV2A LCD technology
24/7 capability for prolonged mission critical operation
Open Architecture – Use 3rd party hardware and software
Powerful Audio Performance – allowing for use in larger meeting venues
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