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Aten Extender DVI USB-H AUD RS232 Tx/Rx 2xTP Max 30-60 m Dual Head DVI

Aten Extender DVI USB-H AUD RS232 Tx/Rx

2xTP Max 30-60 m Dual Head DVI

Varenr: CE604
6 514,00
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Aten CE604

Dette settet forlenger USB, DVI Dual Head, Audio og RS-232 over 2 stk Twisted Pair kabler.
Rekkevidden er inntill 60 meter
Local and Remote Units connect at distances up to 60 m using two Cat 5e cables
Transmit speaker, keyboard, mouse, DDC and one DVI via one Cat5 cable; RS-232, microphone and another DVI by adding a second Cat 5e cable
Supports Dual View video source transmission (one PC with two video output ports)
Audio Enabled – supports stereo speakers and microphone
Supports Real DDC bypass and ATEN default EDID technology – set up various confi gurations via hotkeys
Supports PC wakeup function via one pushbutton or hotkey
RS-232 serial channel – connect to a serial terminal, or serial devices such as touchscreens and barcode scanners (Baud Rate up to 9600 bps)
Compatible with other ATEN Dual View KVM devices, such as CS1642A/ CS1644A and CS1762A/CS1764A
Superior video quality – up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz at 30 m; 1024 x 768 @ 60 Hz at 60 m
Manual compensation control to adjust video signal quality in order to compensate for distance
Built-in 8KV/15KV ESD protection (Contact voltage 8KV; Air voltage 15KV) and 2KV surge protection