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Varenr: LSA1U
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Forventet til lager 29.05.2019
Chief LSA1U
Large Fusion Fixed Wall Display Mount
Chief upgraded fixed wall mounts based on installer feedback and direct observations of installers in the field. Many new features join Fusion favorites like Centerless shift and ClickConnect Latching.
New benefits included added stability, faster install, improved lateral shift, easier cable management and enhanced security.
Installer-inspired Fusion fixed mount solves top flat panel installation problems, offering flexible adjustments for large displays with a low-profile display mounting solution.
•Integrated teardrop design speeds up wall plate installation by allowing pre-installation of the bolts to the wall
•Centerless Shift provides up to 17.4" (441 mm) of post-installation lateral shift for limitless centering
•Set screws keep the mount rigid, stable and secure throughout the life of the installation
•ClickConnect offers an audible click when the screen safely engages with the mount
•Built-in cable stand provides easy access under the screen
•A full line of accessories can be installed with the mount and the entire unit can be adjusted together
•Multiple installation options for various stud distances
•Exclusive nesting spacers can be stacked to achieve any depth
•Quick-Store Cords use magnets to easily store and access pull cords
•Improved cable management with new end caps
•Integrated Security
•Ships with a custom hardware kit that can be hung from mount rails if installing in stages
•Easy Open box with less waste to throw away
Certifications: UL Listed 
Color: Black 
Lateral Shift: 17.4" (441 mm) 
Minimum Depth: 2" (51mm) 
Mounting Pattern Compatibility (Universal Versions): 100 x 100 mm - 870 x 400 mm 
Orientation: Landscape 
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D): 17.93 x 34.75 x 2" (455 x 883 x 51 mm) 
Shipping Weight: 7 kg
Solution Type: Universal 
Typical Screen Sizes: 37 - 63" 
Wall Stud Compatibility (inches): 16-32 
Weight Capacity: 200 lbs (90.9 kg)  
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