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Sunix DevicePort Ethernet 2xRS232

Dock mode

Varenr: DPKS02H00
1 360,00
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DevicePort Dock Mode Ethernet enabled 2-port RS-232 Port Replicator
Denne modellen støtter kun direkte kobling mellom PC Ethernet og DevicePort.
Ta kontakt for modeller som kan kobles til LAN/WAN
SUNIX DevicePort® is the ideal choice to enable your current Legacy I/O devices networking. DPKS02H00 allows users to expand two RS-232 ports over Ethernet connection, and it works as a PCIe add-on card operation on any windows based tiny desktop, laptop, or All-in-one system. With SUNIX DPL2000Q High-Performance Ethernet-UART controller and exclusive I/O redirection technology, DevicePort® creates physical COM ports that support real time data communication and Ethernet-COM port hot-plug capability; user can expand RS-232 COM port easily without complex software configuration that improves deployment efficiency to achieve greater reliability in commercial and industrial automation applications.
  • Expands 2 independent RS-232 serial ports over Ethernet networking.
  • Works as a PCIe add-on card operating experience with Ethernet Hot-Plug capability.
  • DevicePort® Dock mode supports secured connection between PC host and DevicePort®.(*Note 1)
  • Built-in SUNIX DevicePort® DPL2000Q High-Performance Ethernet-UART controller.
  • SUNIX DevicePort® proprietary Ethernet I/O Redirection Technology. (*Note 2)
  • Port auto-mapping with real time data transmit and receive communication.
  • Physical COM port accessed via device manager.
  • Up to 12 COM ports working on windows system simultaneously.
  • Accesses tradition COM port by using existing software and AP.
  • Low power consumption design for Green Environment.
  • 15KV ESD protection for all serial signals meets IEC-61000-4-2 standard.
  • Certified by CE, FCC, VCCI, C-Tick, BSMI, RoHS, and Microsoft WHQL approval.
1: To prevent on-line spy recording, DevicePort® Dock Mode limits specific Ethernet port connection, and it does not works on router or switch operation.
2: Ethernet I/O Redirection technology is SUNIX proprietary protocol for COM, LPT, and digital IO expansion over categpry6/5 Ethernet cable
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