Adapter RJ45 Hun - DB9 Han Serielladapter

Adapter RJ45 Hun - DB9 Han


Varenr: TD09M8
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Adapter RJ45 - DB9 Han
Konfigurerbar overgang
TD09M8 9-pin D-sub to RJ-45 Modular Adapters
D-sub Connector to RJ-12 / RJ-45 female Connector adapter in one housing. The wiring at the RJ-12 / RJ-45 female side is fixed, but the wire-ends have crimp contacts, which could be placed in the desired position of the D-sub connector without any tools.
Housing has locking screws for firmly attaching the D-sub end.
Technical specifications
Connector : RJ-45 F - 09 D-Sub M
Brand : OEM
Supplier productnr. : TD09M8
EAN : 8716065133004